Top 3 AR contributions to Enriching the Impact of Wearable Technology

By StartUp City | Monday, September 07, 2020

Wearable TechnologyaAR apps go far beyond visual gimmickry, taking mixed reality technology to the next level.

FREMONT, CA: The entertainment sector is unleashing the AR advantages top the fullest. Along with games, AR extends its potential into cinema, events, displays, museums, among others. AR in entertainment could improve sensory perceptions, provide access to extra data, and generate a hybrid universe with the best of truth and fantasy.

Revitalizing Print Publications

Print publications such as magazines and newspapers could have a resurgence as a result of the advent of AR technology. Reading as a pastime is very common with the wealthy and the elderly. It could become much more appealing to a younger generation through technology. With AR, it is possible to enable both extra content and functionality. For example, some newspapers and magazines have already experimented with allowing tickets to be purchased when AR features are activated via the mobile phone of the reader. AR also provides new life to advertising in newspapers, enabling fresh and catchy experiences.

The Future of Film and TV

Film and television's future is more immersive and enjoyable than ever. The interactive TV could use AR to provide data on what is already being seen by the viewer. The scope is much broader than the known "wow" factor. A few reports predict that television could become an internet extension, and individuals are already watching tons of video content on TV.

Music, Audio Files, and AR Earbuds

While AR, an excellent visual technology, puts in efforts to alter the way the users listen to music or access audio data, AR earbuds are emerging as a groundbreaking innovation, with the capability of real-world sound control. These earbuds create an augmented layer on top of real audio to enhance and customize the listening experience for the listener.

AR deployment could become much more practical in the future, resulting in brand-new experiences and inventions in a variety of entertainment areas, making way for further exploration. 

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