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June 13, 2019

Startup City Weekly Brief

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Feature of the Week
Besides the sensors, a smart city needs a foundation of reliable, sharp infrastructure that can allow the collection, transmission, storage, and processing of data.
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have successfully altered tax data flow and processes.
The centrality of customer experience has inspired many businesses to adopt a more holistic approach to improving customer experience.
Featured Vendors
Integrates purposeful data across ed tech systems, analyzes results against research-based frameworks, and delivers actionable information that drives learning.
The company merges gameplay with real-world productivity and education to inspire the next generation of STEM students in construction.
Knewton brings in adaptive technologies and products that deliver personalized and lasting learning experiences.
CIO Outlook
Carol L. Smith, CIO, DePauw University
Maintaining and driving innovations around administrative systems is an area that is financially difficult for most small institutions.
William Thirsk, VP of IT & CIO, Marist College
As educational technology goes digital, business operations are affected.
Startup Insider
By Steve Cox, VP of ERP & EPM GTM, Oracle
Cloud changes everything we know about business and IT, transforming how organizations run and how people work.
By Jamie Northrup, Senior Associate Vice President Strategy, Tulane University
The promise of technology to improve the educational experience of students has been discussed many times but there are limited examples of delivering on this promise.