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February 21, 2019

Startup City Weekly Brief

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Feature of the Week
The use of IoT can potentially redefine the role of the insurance sector from one that compensates for the loss to one that prevents potential losses of the policyholder.
Cognitive computing is a buzz which is being discussed among the IT industry for withholding the potential for a myriad of technical approaches related to data and open to self learn by understanding the meaning of it.
Companies gather both structured and unstructured data. Unstructured data consists of audio, video, and non-numeric type of data, which requires advanced techniques to get those data in a structured format.
Featured Vendors
Harnesses the advancements in microbiology and help farmers sustainably grow crops.
Vuzix is a supplier of wearable display technology, VR and AR.
Provider of AI-based continuous learning speech recognition solutions that provide human-quality transcription.
CIO Outlook
Daniel Barchi, CIO, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
We have seen a move away from best of breed choices to selection of sully-integrated solutions.
Simon Lin, MD, MBA, Research CIO, Nationwide Children’s Hospital
As shown on the cover page of the June 2017 issue of Newsweek, the Silicon Valley thinks Artificial Intelligence (AI) will cure our sick health care system.
Startup Insider
By Sam A. Mehta, P.E., Senior Vice President, Gresham, Smith and Partners
Ask any CIO and they’ll tell you that data and predictive analytics can be a powerful thing. The sheer amount of available data, the “Internet of Things” (IoT), and the supposedly “smart” technologies associated with the IoT.
By Rob Phocas, Energy & Sustainability Manager, City of Charlotte
I like the latest “smart” technology as much as the next person.