Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, June 23,2022


By Salumeh Companieh, CIO, C&W Services  
Whatever your industry, chances are you have access to important data that could fundamentally change the way you do business. The trick is figuring out how to use it optimally.  Read more
By Mark L. Berthiaume, EVP, CIO & CTIO, The Hanover Insurance Group [NYSE:THG]  
Everywhere you look, companies are working to integrate innovation into their corporate models.  Read more
By Mike Newman, CEO, Returnity  
What was once “green” became “sustainable” and is now “circular,” but they all basically mean the same thing - offering goods and services in a more environmentally sensitive manner.  Read more


By Sangsu Jung, President and CEO  
Watchmile, developed by VEStellaLab, is the world’s first smartphone-enabled indoor parking navigation system for guiding an autonomous vehicle to an empty parking space. The technology combines closed-circuit televisions (CCTV), IoT-based...  Read more
By Eui Kyu Jin, CEO  
Where many are struggling to develop a safe water repellent fabric, TFJ developed “BLUELOGY”– an environment-friendly water repellent technology that uses non-fluoride C0 chemical. Along with “BLUELOGY” the company is also developing a...  Read more
By Bu Gi Kim, CEO, Standard Energy.  
Standard Energy is a technology company that designs and manufactures large-scale Vanadiumion batteries for energy storage systems. Standard Energy has devised a methodology to utilize Vanadium ions instead of lithium and given a twist to...  Read more