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April 17, 2019

Startup City Weekly Brief

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Feature of the Week
The right strategy to apply the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) will open up a new horizon of pervasive sensing, interconnected devices, sharing services, promoting better communication and collaboration between people and things.
Each organization aims to grow its revenue at a rapid pace to make more investments.
The meager signal-to-noise ratio in financial markets is one of the potential pitfalls for machine learning strategies. ML algorithms always identify a pattern, even if there is no pattern.
Featured Vendors
A cleantech startup that provides EV owners with an automated charging scheduling tool that reduces costs for the charger owner and benefits the grid.
Designs, develops and provides highly efficient power conversion Integrated Circuits (ICs).
Converts food scraps that have been discarded as waste into fertilizers that can be utilized by agriculture and other industries.
CIO Outlook
Andy Newsom, CIO, CSL Behring
Today the role of the CIO is rapidly evolving, especially in the biopharmaceutical industry, and CIOs must recognize and adapt to these changes. The CIO’s role has shifted from technologist to business partner and change agent.
Mark Williams, VP, CIO, ACI Clinical
It is true that across the industry and even within individual companies, data is often held in information silos.
Startup Insider
By Danny Kennedy, CEO, New Energy Nexus and MD, California Clean Energy Fund
Innovation is driving down cost while improving service.
By Temple Fennell, Managing Director, Clean Energy Ventures (CEV)
Grid intelligence will be essential as both on the grid and “behind-the-meter” storage is introduced into power systems.