Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, April 15,2021

Feature of the Week

Mobile applications have a plethora of built-in options for maintaining high levels of interaction. Use new deals to keep your customers interested in your restaurant.  Read more
One area of Neurotech that many people are familiar with is the brain-computer interface (BCI).  Read more
When performing remotely, two primary areas to concentrate on are keeping in close touch with its staff and maintaining high cooperation levels. However, when moving from regular, in-person office hours to distributed locations, these dynamics  Read more


By Robert Walden, CIO, Epsilon  
The primary purpose of any network monitoring solution is to detect and prevent issues before they become service-impacting events.  Read more
By Jack Suess, CIO, University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)  
A major challenge in HigherEd is to increaseouragility without increasing costs or limiting future flexibility.  Read more
By Scott Bordenkircher, Director, Technology Innovation & Integration, Arizona Public Service  
The possibility is slim that Ben Franklin could have imagined what his kite and key would turn into 260 years later.  Read more
By Charles McConnell, Executive Director, Center for Carbon Management in Energy, University of Houston  
There is a “future of energy” battle raging today, illustrated by the rhetoric about climate change and impending doom vs. the need to provide more energy at a competitive cost.  Read more


By Jakob van Zyl, Co-Founder and CEO  
A satellite data company delivering its in-house software and extensive databases to provide agricultural companies with necessary thermal data. It empowers them with more accessible and actionable analytics to effectuate better precision farming...  Read more
By Erny Niederberger, CEO and Co-FounderReto Abt, COO and Co-founder, Philipp Burch, CTO and Co-founder  
Swisens AG develops advanced sensing technologies to monitor environmental threats in our surrounding air. The company focuses currently on detecting and identifying pollen accurately and in real-time, as such allergies affect more than 20 percent...  Read more
By Yassine Mountacif, Founder  
The company's state-of-the-art technology applies A.I to video streams in order to guarantee a robust & frictionless identity verification process  Read more