Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, August 22,2019

Feature of the Week

The effective implementation of educational technology will not only aid struggling students but will also ensure enhanced engagement.Data analytics can help educators draw useful insights from the student data, enabling them to design persona  Read more
Technology has amazed the world by delivering un-imaginable possibilities day by day. Today, the sports eco-system is filled with next-generation gadgets and techniques to improvise the ways of sporting.  Read more
Developing a business that reaches to the consumer directly, instead of making them come to you is a clear trend that new start-ups and established enterprises are following now.  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Paul Scorza, CIO & EVP, Ahold USA  
The explosion of mobile technology and the need for immediate responses to customer demands has increased the reliance on technology.  Read more
By Levon Hooks, CIO-Global Corporate Solutions, JLL  
Technology is a huge component of our DNA. Our CEO, Colin Dyer, believes in our technology and the proof is in the technology and platform investments that we continuously make.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By David Perry, President, CEO & Director  
Harnesses the advancements in microbiology and help farmers sustainably grow crops  Read more
By Oisin Hurley, CTO  
Swrve is a complete cross-platform customer interaction engine that enables enterprises to drive customer engagement, retention, and revenue  Read more
By William Berger, Chairman, President & CEO  
Sunnova Energy designs and develops solar power storage and generation equipment and devices for the residential properties industry  Read more

CXO Insights

By Victor Olex, Founder and President, SlashDB  
As CIO your job is to design and execute business information flows. While tech¬¨nology and...  Read more
By Gregory Koberger, Founder, ReadMe.io  
The way we use the internet has changed so much in the past two decades.  Read more