Fuelling CX with AI and Big Data

By StartUp City | Thursday, May 23, 2019

AI and Big DataFREMONT, CA: AI and Big Data have proven to be powerful tools in informing companies about their target customers. Many organizations have developed teams to collect and analyze data during each step of the customer journey by taking into account the different nuances of the customers’ interactions. Innovative technology like natural language processing (NLP) and data analysis in real time will enable companies to keep up with evolving customer demands.

Big Data and AI are essential in improving the customer experience in the following ways:

A New Data Approach and AI Toolset:

It is critical for analytics teams to take a stockpile of the available tools and combine them with human reasoning and logic. The results will lack the perspective needed to drive actionable outcomes if the combination is executed without a proper understanding of the goals.

Companies are now able to sieve through vast amounts of data that was previously unfathomable. For instance, by tracking customer interactions, companies can notify helpdesk representatives to act accordingly.

Rise of Cross-Organizational Data Architect:

Technology vendors have made analytics capabilities more acceptable for a wider set of professionals so that a broader population of individuals can leverage this technology and become data specialists.

As more and more companies adopt AI and Big Data, an increasing number of vendors will be able to connect the paths across the customer journey and influence customer experience (CX). The rise of the cross-organizational data architects will influence the CX, combining and managing incoming data to develop customer satisfaction in real-time.

Widespread Adoption in the Retail Sector:

Brands are now concerned about what consumers assess when they enter stores or shop online. From convenience to the speed of transactions, consumers look forward to having their shopping experience served to them in real time, either in-store or online.

AI and Big Data are now able to utilize customer journey analytics to personalize the marketing endeavors and general customer experience strategies that will, in turn, power trends that consumers desire such as pop-up experiences and social commerce.

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