AI's Role in Customer Experience

By StartUp City | Wednesday, May 22, 2019

AI in customer experienceFREMONT, CA: AI offers enormous prospective in managing customer interactions and remarkably improving customer engagement and customer experience (CX). Unlike others, CX can be hard to manage, quantify, and support as it is dynamic, circumstantial, and produces a gigantic amount of data. AI can leverage the customer information to power CX strategies, automate the mundane tasks of cleansing data, maintain it, and help companies understand customer opinion to create more engaging experiences.

Five ways to revolutionize CX are:

1. Data Analytics and Vision:

• AI data-unification apparatuses make formidable tasks such as data cleansing and combination inexpensive and quick.

• By evaluating interaction history, AI tools can aid in improving CX.

• AI can sieve through data to predict customer trends.

• AI tools can manage customer information from conflicting sources and process them to extract valuable insights with swiftness and accuracy.

2. Improved Personalization:

• Artificial Intelligence can use ‘natural data’ to probe deeper into separate customer behaviour and purchase patterns, to perform analysis and drive better engagement at the right place, and the right time.

3. Recommended Settings:

Shopping experiences can be made swift by leveraging search history, location data, and time (dates and holidays) to determine customer’s requirements. AI can also help to enhance product pages to present attributes to the context.

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4. Customer Support:

• Chatbots can be used to address general customer queries, resolve problems, and provide efficient customer service.

• Virtual Assistants can execute commands, answer questions, and help customers find the right products.

• Self-service Agents can reduce the inconvenience of customers searching for help-articles by providing automated services.

5. Simplicity, Productivity, and Efficiency:

• Automated processes increase operational efficiency and productivity in customer service areas.

• Cognitive computing helps in understanding the customer base better by enhancing analysis and making faster decisions.

AI brings in endless opportunities with its evolution. Combining Artificial Intelligence with human elements can further amplify CX through simplifying customer interactions.

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