Enabling Digital Customer Support to Improve Customer Satisfaction

StartUp City | Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Customers can easily access a company's website and find their email id to contact the company, but they prefer not to. Instead, they can take up to the company's Facebook page and post their message on the timeline

Fremont, CA: The social media revolution is here, and organizations need to ramp up their customer service to keep the business running. The recent boom in social media marketing has given rise to digital customer service, making it as relevant as voice support. Implementing new ideas, new technologies, and leveraging new communication channels is the way forward for all businesses. Digital chatbots that can integrate with Facebook Messenger and answer basic customer queries can act as useful tools in taking the company forward. With the majority of customers being of the Generation X and Millennials, chatbots can easily find their way into an organization’s customer support service. These customers generally have a well established social media presence and are comfortable with digital technology. Chatbots can improve customer satisfaction as they are available to answer queries 24/7, even if there is no human support available at the office.

Twitter offers a platform where users can directly tag another user, even organization, and make them aware of what they have to say. Having a dedicated employee to answer queries that come through twitter is essential today. Organizations need to keep track of questions that come through this platform and at the same time observe activity which raises your internet traffic. Any customer tagging the organization's twitter handle should be followed up and dealt with immediately, depending upon the kind of impact they have.

Customers can easily access a company's website and find their email id to contact the company, but they prefer not to. Instead, they can take up to the company's Facebook page and post their message on the timeline. The tone of the message often depends on the mood of the customer, and the angrier the customer, the more public they will make your message. Instagram has gained traction in recent years, becoming one of the most commonly used social media platforms. Posts on Instagram need to be continuously monitored as the comment section can have a significant impact on the company's brand value. Negative comments tend to spread faster than positive feedback. The DM feature on Instagram can also be leveraged by customers to make company's aware of their complaints.

Create a username that distinguishes your customer support team for customers. Social media handle needs to be simple and easy to remember. Avoid using characters that can make your handle complicated. However, organizations must also be aware of hoaxes out there. It is easy for anybody to open a social media account in an organizations name and fraud customers. Once your account is online, ensure that customers are aware of the organization's official page.

The role of an organization does not end once the account is open. It is also essential to be proactive with the page. Do not let negativity fester on the page. Be quick with the responses and ensure that any complaints or queries are dealt with immediately. Engaging in a private conversation with the customer is always better as it can avoid harmful content on the page. Making use of omnichannel contact centres can help further improve customer support services. It is often expensive for organizations to invest heavily in customer services as there are various branches to it. Setting up each of these branches can also be a time-consuming process for organizations. Instead, omnichannel contact centres can do the task for organizations more efficiently as they can offer expertise in each kind of customer support services for a reasonable price.

Organizations today need to leverage social media pages for building up the company's products and informing the customers about them. With the increased analysis of social media accounts and its activity, organizations can gain insights into customer preferences and interests. These features help an organization decide which channel is best suited for them.

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