Why Data Science Also needs Behavioral Experts

By StartUp City | Friday, July 05, 2019

Data ScienceTechnology and data can make companies act smarter but human sciences and behavior will differentiate them from the rest making change and transformation easier.

FREMONT, CA: The time when data science and Big Data were just buzzwords has passed. However, that does not mean that organizations can fully benefit just by employing Big Data analytics into their business acumen. Behavioral science brings forth new ideas and skills to optimize performance in the workplace. Data superiority alone is not enough to truly understand the customer. Below are three key behavioral thoughts that modern-day data scientists need to focus on:

Actions Do Not Always Follow Data:

Data is believed to be objective, as it only conveys facts that have taken place. The problem lies in how data is transformed into information and consequently into knowledge for decision-making processes and actions. Human brains need to process data to make daily business decisions and judgments, which is the behavioral side that data scientists must keep in mind. Knowledge about one's audience is the key feature in business that allows owners to coordinate data and behavior to avoid possible consumer biases.

Good Data Sources:

Data is required to be gathered from multiple sources (such as social media and Net Promoter Score [NPS] surveys) and should not only center on present needs. A cost-effective analysis needs to be performed to find out actionable data. Moreover, the time lapse between data analysis and application of conclusive remedies creates ample opportunities for owners to think in advance about the future plans that can make the difference in business.

The Power of Visual Perception:

One important aspect of a data scientist’s job is to highlight actionable data insights that will drive change in business operations. With an array of new tools, coding has become easier and the democratization of data science is conveying the influence of data analytics to more people. The need to comprehend the facets of visual perception is becoming vital for data analytics and business intelligence professionals, who by bridging the gap between complex ideas and their respective implementations, are paving the way for organizational change.

Future business initiatives are at a crossroads between behavioral patterns and data in which, those who productively incorporate the former to their analysis will have an edge through a superior understanding of their customers.

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