Wearable Technologies Revamping the Sports Industry

By StartUp City | Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Wearable technology leads to a revolution in the sports industry. It changes the definition of sports and the level and effectiveness of the game.

FREMONT, CA: Technology firms are making massive progress in creating and marketing wearable concepts for athletes. Companies are

 transforming how athletic trainers make choices, how games are played, along with prioritizing health and security. These tech

niques also move quickly the professional sports arena to the edge of efficiency and competency.

Wearable sports technology extended its offerings to include perceptual and psychological elements of professional team sports for perfor

mance enhancement with advanced biometric surveillance.

These new techniques also revolutionize sports by decreasing the potential for sport-related injuries such as damaged tendons, exhaustion, and commotion. Wearable sports techniqu

Wearable Technology

es are use

d after an injury to monitor athletic training, efficiency in the game, and rehabilitation. Developments in this quickly growing technological niche allow team administrators, coaches, trainers, and players to excel in their sport while at the same moment reducing disease linked to injury and sport.

It also happens in the entertainment room to create a whole fresh experience with wearables. Virtual reality systems are used to produce immersive visuals that produce unparalleled experiences like 

never before. To generate new type of live match-watching experience, visual technology combines advanced 3D graphics, high-resistance video, and experiential storytelling.


Wearables with haptic feedback and control of gestures change the way we watch sports videos online. To generate computer-based digital evidence, few wearable gloves use gesture and movement. The gloves are like “Minority Report,” which makes the development of digital sports much faster.

It is undeniable that technology contributes to almost no constraints on the growth of new sports practices. Players and sports enthusiasts must also be intelligent and be driven by a positive tech sense in a world where smart products are increasingly proliferating.

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