Ways to Select the Right VR Headset for Enterprise Projects

By StartUp City | Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Virtual realityWhile undertaking an enterprise virtual reality (VR) project, the most important decision organizations have to make is choosing the right VR headset. Many tech companies claim to offer the best products at an optimal price. Each of these products has their own advantages; some are comfortable to wear, while others have a stunning design. But how to pick the right one?

The answer does not lie in the physical attributes or the price of the headset rather how well it can perform in the workspace. A VR headset should be chosen based on how well it will perform in the workspace. It should be able to withstand the rapid pace of change in technology and not become obsolete within a few months, requiring updates every other year.

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It is easy to get lost in the shiny haze of this cutting edge technology, without giving a second thought to its compatibility in the work environment. Organizations cannot choose a VR headset for business purposes with the same mindset as individuals buying it for home use. A device which is excellent for watching movies and playing games might not be as good for training employees at an organization level.

A safe way to play it would be to run a pilot test, choosing a few dozen users to give feedback on limited content. This not only reduces the risk but also helps in buying the right headset for the workplace. When the IT department of an organization invests thousands of dollars on an enterprise-wide rollout, the product needs to have a sound technical framework. What matters is the security, ease of deployment, and integration into the environment of the enterprise. Comfort is also important as the users need to wear it for a longer period of time.

VR is a new technology. Even though it has demonstrated a lot of success in the manufacturing environment as performance support and training medium, it has not been used extensively as a training tool in enterprises, hence the lack of dedicated VR headsets. As the demand for VR technology is growing, developers are working toward building devices exclusively for enterprises and their management.

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