Voyager Capital Sailing Up North with $100M funds Amassed From the Fifth Round

By StartUp City | Thursday, October 10, 2019

After raising $100M in funding, Voyager Capital is shifting its focus on the Pacific Northwest. 

FREMONT, CA: Voyager Capital is equipped with new interests to set sail across the border to up north. The company is packing from California to expand its horizons to Pacific Northwest. The Seattle-based Venture Capital (VC) firm has wrapped up its fifth funding round after raising $100 million for investments in 15 to 20 early-stage B2B startups. Five new investments are already fulfilled and other startups from Washington, Western Canada, and Oregon up next as a part of the fund. 

The managing director of Voyager VC believes that an explosion of growth is identified, especially in Seattle, and the focus in the region is much intense. There is also a noteworthy spike in the cloud and AI-based talent pool that is driven by giants Amazon and Microsoft hailing from the same region. 

The Seattle-based VC is also concentrating its resources in Vancouver and other parts of Canada. The firm has identified abundant opportunities in a multitude of B2B startups and their lack of funding. Voyager has also hired a dedicated Canadian venture partner to scout those startups, which require strong public-private partnerships. 

With interests shifting Northside, the VC has stopped its investments in California-based companies, after the results of the previous funds were analyzed. The shift is due to the outperformance recognized in the Pacific-Northwest. 

The work of Voyager in Portland is set to continue as the talent and new founders coming into the light are successful. The company raised its fifth fund from foundations, family offices, trusts, funds of funds, and professionals across the world. The VC believes that the Pacific Northwest is not only hot in technology but also the quality of the talent. Voyager's assets include Bluebox; Elemental Technologies, Make.TV and Skyward. The current investment portfolio includes companies such as Act-On, Lighter Capita, Lytics, and Zipwhip.

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