Receives Top Recognition within Snowflake's Partner Network

By StartUp City | Thursday, November 19, 2020

Snowflake Services Partners bring additional technology, industry, and business experience for organizations to get the most value out of Snowflake’s platform.

FREMONT, CA:, the leading Israeli data consulting company, has achieved Snowflake Elite Partner status, the top recognition within Snowflake’s Partner Network. Stemming from the close relationship between the companies, the combination of multi-million dollar business opportunities, alongside technical ability and customer references, grants the coveted Partner status.

From large enterprises, which include some of the biggest insurance and financial institutions in Israel, to some of the fastest-growing tech startups, has championed Snowflake to help their clients modernize their data infrastructure and build optimal data processes in the cloud.

IlanZaitoun, Co-founder & CTO of said: “This extended partnership further cements our relationship, and also reflects a shared ambition to reshape the way companies use data. There are still thousands of organizations in desperate need to transform and modernize their data management processes. The combination of Snowflake’s solutions with the know-how and expertise of Vision. bi’s team is a game-changer for many of these businesses in need to modernize, upgrade, and transform their data management processes.”

Vision. bi’s strategy to educate the market on Snowflake’s capabilities and help organizations create the perfect data stack includes three key pillars:

1. Complementary In-house Tech Solutions: has developed in-house technology platforms that support and complement the adoption of Snowflake. These include:

Cost management platform: a new tool that tracks Snowflake usage and costs, helping Snowflake users identify inefficient data patterns and improve data efficiencies.

BentoInsights: an analytics platform designed for B2B SaaS companies with the perfect data & BI stack, using Snowflake at its core.

2. Technical Expertise: being a company of data engineers, technical expertise and know-how sits at the heart of, where a team of Snowflake experts implement large scale projects and help organizations solve their most challenging data challenges.

3. Platform Education: training, onboarding, and on-going education and support on Snowflake capabilities. This is available to customers and prospects, which provides value to the broader industry and encourages the adoption of Snowflake. More recently, has delivered the first online training in Hebrew that can now be found and accessed on Snowflake’s website.

Julien Alteirac, RVP Northern Europe, at Snowflake, commented, “Our partner ecosystem is a driving force in making Snowflake’s Vision a reality. has been a de-facto extension of Snowflake, delivering technical excellence and business value for every Snowflake client they engage with. We are thrilled to announce’s Elite Partner status and look forward to continuing this journey together.”

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