Viridix Unveils Next-Generation Precision Irrigation System With First-Ever Ai-Based Autonomous Capabilities

StartUp City | Monday, March 14, 2022

Fremont, CA: Viridix has launched its most advanced Precision Irrigation System. Viridix's new Gen3 system integrates with remote monitoring and irrigation control solutions to create a game-changing autonomous irrigation solution.

Viridix's Gen3 Auto-Pilot systems include Viridix's RooTense®, a proprietary and patented water potential sensor that mimics plant roots and offers real-time data, as well as the company's proprietary AI-based software, which aggregates the RooTense® data with external data from other sources and analyses it all to provide operational insights, allowing the system to make and act on autonomous decisions.

Viridix Gen3 Auto-Pilot, designed for farmers who want to take their irrigation capabilities to the next level, now connects to air humidity and temperature sensors, water pressure sensors, and remote watering controllers in addition to the RooTense® sensors. Through a holistic autonomous solution for optimized precision irrigation, the advanced and simple-to-use platform provides unparalleled effectiveness.

Customers can now monitor root activity in real-time and implement a smart irrigation protocol across their farms, field by field, adjusting irrigation levels based on live conditions. The sophisticated system employs artificial intelligence to recommend the precise adjustments needed to dose the optimal irrigation for individual crops.

"With the introduction of the new Viridix Gen3 Auto-Pilot system we are unlocking new experiences and setting the standard of performance for precision irrigation," stated Tal Maor, CBO and Co-Founder of Viridix. "The launch of this new technology is a result of our commitment to invest in the development of innovative and effective solutions that increase crop productivity for improved environmental sustainability,"  he stated.

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