Turning the Ignition on in Connected Cars with 5G

By StartUp City | Thursday, June 27, 2019

Connected Cars with 5GHow are the automobile industries planning to implement 5G? Will it live up to the promise or is it just a substitute for the existing network?

FREMONT, CA: As the connected cars’ market grows, 5G seems to be every automobile manufacturer’s best opportunity as well as a nightmare since the new technology promises to boost the payments and commerce in the coming year. It can also boost connectivity among smart automobiles. 

The nightmare begins as the 5G deployment in connected cars and trucks is still a challenge. Mobile network operators have deployed 5G, but it will require numerous updates. Another problem, probably on the verge of being solved by 5G is the motivation of a few organizations to incorporate older Wi-Fi standards for the emerging ecosystem for connected vehicles. The ante for connected automobiles is sky-high as stakeholders have already invested around $230 billion worth of commerce, dependent on the promised efficiency and speed of 5G technology

Although the specifics of how 5G will work with the connected automobiles are widely speculated, one thing that is assured is a faster network promoting increased in-vehicle commerce and payments. 5G is said to unlock the vehicles’ potential mainly due to three main reasons—the increased speed of the network, the capacity to connect with numerous devices simultaneously, and a low latency rate. The latency for 5G, when compared with 4G, creates a difference of 50 milliseconds. 

5G can play a significant role in an autonomous vehicle by decreasing the time duration between the sensor recognizing the interference and a cloud-based server being informed about the danger. As connected vehicles are becoming popular, automobile companies are joining the 5G bandwagon in a queue to level up their competitive drives.

A major study on these trends has predicted that three out of four cars produced in the next five years will use 5G-compliant smart technology. The majority of the connected vehicles are already a part of the ecosystem, and by one way or another, the network driven by 5G technology will ignite the growth of much more advanced connected vehicular systems.

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