TinyTap Raises $5m for User-generated Educational Games

By StartUp City | Friday, November 30, 2018

TinyTap, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based educational game developing stage, brought $5M up in financing.

The round was driven by Aleph Venture Capital with cooperation from past financial specialists, including Inimiti, Radiant and ReInvent.

"TinyTap was created out of my own personal needs. I wanted to help my Dad, who was diagnosed with Dementia, hold on to his memories by turning his family photos into interactive, personalized activities. We quickly realized that TinyTap could offer a personalized learning experience for everyone," says Yogev Shelly, TinyTap's CEO. "As a marketplace, we're cutting out the dependency on a local education system. TinyTap gives parents the tools to teach their kids any subject at home."

The organization means to utilize the assets to launch recently curated Learning Plans in Mandarin, Arabic, and Spanish. The capital will likewise go toward advancing the organization's association with Oxford University Press in beginning a learning anticipate those learning English.