Three-year-old Serverless Software Startup Stackery Left without a Leader

By StartUp City | Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Nate Taggart steps down from CEO post at Stackery so that the firm can get a better leader for the next phase of growth.

FREMONT, CA: Nate Taggart, CEO, and co-founder of Stackery, leaves the cloud computing startup firm. Taggart gives the announcement in a message posted online to workers of the enterprise, stating his resignation from the post and paving the way for a new leader as the company looks forward to a new stage of growth.

 Taggart commented, “The startup that we’ve built together now works with some of the largest companies in the world and the incredible growth that we’ve seen over the last two quarters is a clear reflection of the value we’ve created for our customers.”

Stackery makes technology that helps the software technicians to create applications without the knowledge of necessary codes or programming. The code created by applications is stimulated completely on cloud platforms.

From 2016 to date, Stackery has mastered from the Techstars Seattle startup program. Having 17 employees, the firm has raised $7.3 million from various investors. Founders’ Co-op, Pipeline Capital Partners, Steve Kishi of Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, and Voyager Capital are some of the contributors.

 Before naming CEO of Stackery, Taggart with an expert background has worked in progression for product development firms like GitHub and New Relic.

Abner Germanow, the company’s chief marketing officer and customer advocate, stated that the key challenge faced by the company is not how the company can solve the problems, but how it can scale it. Taggart had a long-standing conversation with the board of executives, decided, at last, to separate from the company aid seeing as he was not the right person to take the firm to the next phase, said Germanow.

The company has started the conversation for hiring a new CEO with the board of executive including Chase Douglas, Stackery's co-founder and CTO; Germanow; Finance and Operations Leader, Laura Meyer; and Sam Goldstein, VP of Product and Engineering.

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