The Benefits of Hydrogen Fuel for Transport and Mobility

StartUp City | Friday, April 30, 2021

Since hydrogen fuel cells and storage costs are lower than those of batteries, hydrogen will reach a long range without compromising the ability to manufacture vehicles at affordable cost.

Fremont, CA: Hydrogen fuel can be used to power cars in the same way as traditional fuels can, and it has a similar long-range. The fuel cell converts hydrogen into electricity using air and water as an exhaust. In a nutshell, hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles are electric vehicles that operate similarly to conventional vehicles but with no carbon emissions.

Hydrogen is the most common element, making up about 90 percent of all matter. Water is a large source of hydrogen, and it can be broken down into hydrogen and oxygen by using renewable electricity from solar and wind power. The process of splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen is known as water electrolysis. There are two types of this technology: alkaline, which is a well-established method, and proton exchange membrane electrolysis, which is a newer method. Green hydrogen fuel is currently being produced using both technologies. However, it is important to know that not all hydrogen fuel is environmentally friendly; currently, the majority of hydrogen is generated by steam methane reforming (carbon-intensive process), which separates hydrogen from natural gas. It emits 10-17 tons of CO2 for every ton of hydrogen produced.

The main advantage of hydrogen fuel for transportation is that it has comparable refueling times and driving ranges to traditional fuels. Similar efficiency to today's gasoline and diesel vehicles is a critical deciding factor for customers interested in switching to zero-emission vehicles. Furthermore, hydrogen infrastructure can be installed at any gas station in the same way that conventional fuels are. As compared to battery, electric car charging, hydrogen does not necessitate costly and complicated grid improvements or the installation of chargers in every home.

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