TeamUp Fitness App Introduces Holiday Themed Fitness HookUps

By StartUp City | Tuesday, January 05, 2021

TeamUp Fitness is a lifestyle platform that's specifically designed to bring the fitness community together. Members from all over the world join TeamUp to find fit companions, new workout partners, and fitness friends.

Fremont, CA: TeamUp, a lifestyle platform that was designed to bring the entire fitness community together, has created a fun way for users to meet new workout partners or find a fit companion in the form of holiday-themed "Fitness HookUps." This new feature gives members the chance to discover profiles they would be interested in based on similar activities and goals. A member can "view your matches" generated by TeamUp's unique scoring system.

Members have their own "activity" profiles. With these profiles, fitness enthusiasts can pick and choose from local members or surf worldwide to see if they want to meet in-person or virtually for a workout.

"The app gives fitness enthusiasts and people who have a passion for fitness the ability to 'connect' with the entire fitness community through a mobile platform. While the world navigates these unusual times, our users can utilize the TeamUp/Fitness HookUps feature to stay engaged with others in the fitness community," said Frank Peperno, CMO.

While the holiday season is typically a time when many people seem to slack when it comes to their fitness plans, having a Teamup/Fitness HookUp companion can change that reality altogether. By connecting with new fitness partners on the app, partners can help them stay active throughout the winter months.

TeamUp provides an innovative way to help people ensure that they are remaining invested and dedicated to healthy and active living.

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