Swiss Post Collaborates with Modum, a Blockchain Startup

By StartUp City | Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Swiss Post, Switzerland’s national postal service, has collaborated with the Blockchain startup, Modum, to work on the innovation of a system for shipments, which monitors the temperature.  

The official postal service for Switzerland, announced the collaboration with Modum, an IoT and Blockchain Technology firm as a partner to release a smart service called ThermoCare. The newly introduced service allows the supervision of temperature deviations to regulate the temperature of packages in the shipment. To this end, goods are tracked and analyzed for an accurate record of their temperature reading over the duration of the travel. The service proves beneficial in  optimizing maintenance while shipping pharmaceutical goods in particular.  Besides, it is used in guaranteeing the proper delivery of products in the food industry.

ThermoCare is equipped to utilize Modum’s Thermo-monitoring technology to make sure that climate-sensitive goods stored in special ThermoCare boxes are maintained within the optimal temperature range during shipping. The technology also offers solutions for temperature supervision and monitoring via a sensor by Modum, which reports and records the change of values in real-time. 

The quality control of the packages to be shipped is conducted with ease as the employee handling the consignment can scan the goods at any point of delivery to access the temperature data. Any temperature deviations can be tracked accurately in real-time to curb any issues from occurring. The service also recognizes the location of the manufacturers accountable for maintaining quality management. 

The partnership between the Swiss Post and Modum is meant to be the basis of the long-term agreement for enabling the Blockchain technology in varied avenues. One of which is the Postal service’s deal with Swisscom, the state-owned telecom provider, in a joint venture to focus on Blockchain technology infrastructure for all operations.  

The key idea behind the new infrastructure development is to retain all data generated inside Switzerland and meet the security necessities of the banks. The partner companies have designed to use the Blockchain technology jointly to fulfill the security requirements.

A similar analysis of the issue by Danish transport, IBM, and logistics giant Maersk, has carved a path towards secure global shipping and data sharing across the supply chain with the help of integration between IoT and sensor data from the shipment containers.

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