Sony Unveils Agriculture Solution for Crop Management

By StartUp City | Friday, March 15, 2019

With the introduction of MSZ-2100G Smart Agricultural Solution, Sony is set to transform the agriculture business. The new solution helps in daily crop management and monitoring through the capture, collection, and analysis of data from the field. Unlike traditional or usual networked methods, it facilitates in the field operation without a network connection.

This technology can provide agricultural workers the ability to supervise and manage the progress of the crops by allowing them to monitor the growth and health. The added insights can also help make decisions and take necessary actions instantly to boost productivity and efficiency while saving on costs.

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Agriculture Technology

The Smart Agricultural Solution uses sensor fusion and fast stitching technology that consists of a newly developed drone-mounted multispectral sensing unit and Fast Field Analyzer image analysis software. A double sensor camera unit along with an accurate geolocation sensing unit is carried by the multispectral sensing unit that can be mounted on a drone to get insights on normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) and RGB imagery in a single flight.


The sensing unit gets accurate geolocation, altitude, and position information during the flight leveraged by Sony's unique algorithm and real-time processor while synching up geodata with every picture it captures. This lets users develop maps with Fast Field Analyzer utilizing geolocation data. The need for less overlapped pictures increases a single flight's efficiency allowing drones to collect 300 to 400 pictures covering a maximum range of 160 acres. The processes are carried out in an offline environment that does not utilize cloud processing which helps users take instant action in the field with accurate analysis results. 

Sony’s multispectral sensing unit (MSZ-2100G) along with Sony’s Fast Field Analyzer image analysis software (FFA-PCW) are highlights of this technology.

Sony conducted some field investigation programs with industry partners to firmly grasp market issues and needs, including with Syngenta, a leading agriculture company that combines technology and research to improve crop insights and outcomes during Smart Agricultural Solution's development. Syngenta chose Sony’s Smart Agriculture Solution as a part of its complete digital agriculture service. Bruce Tanaka, general manager of New Segment Department, Professional Products & Solutions Group, Sony Imaging Products & Solutions Inc. added: "We are pleased to be able to offer an end-to-end solution leveraging our compelling technology to meet the needs of the agriculture industry by increasing efficiency and productivity.”

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