Significance of Machine Learning and RPA in Data Entry Domain

By StartUp City | Monday, February 25, 2019

Data entry is monotonous, tedious but a careful task to accomplish. It has various forms but all target the ultimate goal of transcribing and transposition of data into a more convenient digital form. Organizations hire professionals to accurately carry out the job as there are high chances of errors leading to trustability of transcript data. Also, the involvement of all kinds of employees is not possible to maintain security and veracity of the data.

Further, poorly transcripted information would make it harder for data analysts to assess the accuracy of incoming data. Continuing with the same dataset would result in misleading insights for enterprises. Robot process automation (RPA) and machine learning are now being incorporated in the data entry domain as a solution. Although their deployment cost might be hefty, in the long run, they are evident to price much lower than the human workforce.

At a glance, RPA is a new form of business process automation which involves creating a process that has minor human input and little oversight, allowing companies to automate the repetitive and programmable task. This is done without making major changes in the existing process, interface, and systems. Whereas, machine learning enables a system to learn from their experiences systematically to transform into more efficient ones. Machine learning merged with RPA results in intelligent process automation which can be utilized for data entry.

Automating data entry work will save effort and time of humans allowing them to focus on more strategic jobs. In addition, automated systems never get tired, weary, and run on a programmed algorithm eliminating human error. Also, the speed at which these systems operate is comparably way ahead of humans resulting in more productivity. Maintaining veracity and security of data is no more a tough job with RPA.

Moreover, as more and more businesses are migrating towards automation, it has become the need of the hour to automate the data entry for keeping up with the industry standards. It is no secret that companies which embrace automation gain an edge in the competition.   

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