Sierra Energy's FastOx Gasification Technology Grings a New Face to the World

By StartUp City | Friday, August 16, 2019

A new step by Sierra Energy changes the view of waste disposal by announcing the closing of $33 million Series A investment.

FREMONT, CA: California-based Sierra Energy has announced the closing of a $33 million Series A investment. Breakthrough Energy Ventures joined by Cox Investment Holdings, BNP Paribas SA, Twynam Investment, Formica Ventures AB, and the March Fund I LP led the investment round.

 The funding focuses on helping Sierra Energy to develop, enhance, and commercialize FastOx gasification technology.

 FastOx gasification technology is known for virtually converting any waste into clean, renewable energy and fuels without flaming. Founded in 2004, Sierra Energy with its FastOx gasification technology utilizes oxygen and steam to burn waste to 4000 degrees Fahrenheit. 

At the given temperature, all wastes break down to smaller units, transforming organic materials into an energy-dense syngas enabling the recovery of inorganic materials as a non-leaching either stone or molten metal.

 Sierra Energy’s FastOx gasification technology is developed which is supported by grant funding from the Department of Defense and the California Energy Commission. Sierra Energy’s FastOx Technology is modular, it can be scaled to large size, does not produce any process emission, and all outputs are saleable. Sierra Energy’s initial commercial-scale demo facility is located at United States Army Garrison Fort Hunter Liggett in Monterey County, California.

Amongst many advantages, Sierra Energy’s FastOx gasification technology is a proven ability to handle any kind and type of waste, including municipal solid waste, plastic waste such as tires, medical waste, e-waste, batteries, railroad ties, and even hazardous wastes. 

Founded in 2004, Sierra Energy is a well-known waste gasification and renewable energy and is one of the good examples of pioneering good technology that will affect positively on society. 

The world is piled up with waste day by day, which later landfilled leads to produce greenhouse gases that are harmful to the climate. Sierra Energy with its newly introduced transformative and waste-to-value solution for turning municipal waste into renewable energy shapes the world into more creative and is incredibly exciting.

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