See How Remote Work has Went Upside Down with these Tech Tools

StartUp City | Wednesday, April 14, 2021

When performing remotely, two primary areas to concentrate on are keeping in close touch with its staff and maintaining high cooperation levels. However, when moving from regular, in-person office hours to distributed locations, these dynamics can quickly become cloudy.

Fremont, CA: Even a brief transition to remote work can be frightening for certain companies. Many leaders are concerned that workers will struggle to remain focused on their everyday tasks and that the quality of working life will suffer.

The truth is that if properly handled, a remote team can provide several benefits. With advancements in technology and a conviction that their workers can be just as efficient, if not more so when clients give them the confidence and flexibility to do their job anywhere they are, the transition to managing virtual teams can be made simpler. Groups may use communication and collaboration tools to remain connected.

G Suite

G Suite is the full suite of tools offered by Google. However, companies can communicate no matter where they are using video conferencing, chat, and their wide range of productivity apps, ensuring seamless, secure access.


With a virtual to-do list, letting workers know when their turn comes to review a project, or keeping workers on track for test duration that day, tools like Asana helps users and their employees remain centered and efficient.


Using video conferencing software like Zoom allows for a more free flow of ideas and input, which is essential for keeping remote workers engaged.


Users can give workers constant permission to bring up topics that don't come up in team meetings or one-on-ones or ask quick questions that they would usually ask in person using communication apps like Slack.


When it comes to promoting positive input and frequent check-ins between workers and supervisors, continuous performance improvement tools like 15Five are incredibly helpful. These qualities are necessary for keeping a team involved and motivated and making employees feel appreciated for their efforts.

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