Securitize Open-Sourced its Core Digital Security Protocol

By StartUp City | Wednesday, May 22, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Securitize, a compliance-tech and security-token management firm, is converting a vital part of the tech into a public entity with the open-sourcing of its Digital Securities (DS) Protocol. The protocol is used by the likes of tZERO for their secondary trading market. The company not only allows coded compliance during issuance but also during secondary market trading. It defines the firm’s core compliance platform, which manages and issues the security tokens.

The version 3.0 of the firm’s platform was recently launched with features such as control panel to assist users with the issue and management of the Digital Securities’ lifecycle. About $135 million worth of digital securities for organizations like Blockchain Capital, Aspencoin, SPiCE VC, Science Blockchain, have been issued and managed by the company’s platform.

Securitize pursues a path similar to Digital Assets, which open-sourced its smart contract language last month. Securitize explains that the open sourcing of DS protocol was only carried out after proving that the platform is compliant with real-world applications and real customers tokenizing multiple existent securities. The DS Protocol is said to be ready for the developers to begin creating innovations concerning the applications of digital securities. It is predicted to shape the future of capital markets.

As an end-to-end platform creator for the usage of investors, and issuers, Securitize allows the management of digital securities from a simple dashboard. The open-sourced DS protocol ensures security via a company platform enabling the trade compliance across all marketplaces and exchanges. The platform is maintained to allow for seamless and flexible trading among partner networks and assist in driving protocol adoption on a global scale. 

The company boosted the value of its security protocol by conducting a P2P transfer of the digital securities protocol using SPiCE VC onto a public blockchain via their platform.  

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