Realeyes Raises $16.2M With its AI Facial Recognition

By StartUp City | Friday, November 30, 2018

Established in 2007, Realeyes, a London-based video marketing startup, has raised a $16.2 million  Series B, led by London-based Draper Esprit,

Real eyes' product basically taps into viewers computer webcams to analyze slight changes in facial appearances in response to advertising videos with the assistance of AI.

This is the firm's initial round since it brought an $814,000 grant in 2015. Before that infusion of capital, the organization had raised a $1.2 million give in 2011 it was followed by a $6 million Series A in 2013 drove by Entrepreneurs Fund and Tera Ventures. The last round brings its total assets raised to $24.2 million.

The major benefit of real eyes lies in its innovative way of eye-tracking and emotion measurement. Eye-tracking and facial expressions analysis goes beyond just click and mouse data to reveal user interaction in its entirety.

The key feature that adds an advantage to real eyes technology include company database, they have hand labeled over 15 million frames of naturally occurring emotions with each frame carefully checked it has done over seven human assessments over the last decade.

Also, another important thing to understand is what the firm does with all the data,

They have utilized predictive analytics tools which provide key information as to how a viewer responds to a particular video, this can impact sales of the particular item being promoted. This technology can be utilized by businesses to predict the possible outcomes and make necessary changes.

Facial recognition and AI are the hottest topics in the tech and venture world right now, this has led organizations to effectively utilize computerized vision technology to coordinate things like autonomous vehicles.

 China-based Sense time is as of now the most popular funded of the bundle, as it raised $600 million Series C drove by Alibaba in April, making it the most important  AI startup on the planet with a valuation over $4.5 billion.

As indicated by ongoing reports, Alibaba and Sensetime are now teaming together to launch Artificial intelligence lab in Hong Kong.

While Sense time deals with industries like facial recognition for advanced surveillance by the Chinese government, different new startups are now adopting similar technology to take care of all the major issues that arise in real-world scenario while expanding their market presence.

As organizations in more standard firms like fintech, infant tech, and medicinal services are utilizing more advanced technology for practical applications, AI is ending up being an innovative approach and to a greater extent a need.

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