ONO Ecosystem Event: Gained 3.25 Million Users Within 2 Weeks After Launching

By StartUp City | Wednesday, August 01, 2018

ONO, developer of the first decentralized social network, held a conference in Beijing at Nome Technology's headquarters on July 26, introducing the launch of the DApp's beta version dedicated to international markets. Approximately 500 individuals from the media, sponsors, and members of the ONO DAC have taken part in the event.

ONO's mission was discussed during the conference, with the CEO introducing the beta version of the decentralized application, launched on July 16th. The DApp has attracted over 3 million users, with a retention ratio of nearly 55% per month, resulting in over 10 million pieces of published content, increasing by the day.

"In 1991, Tim Berners-Lee created the Internet with the intention of giving people the right to exchange information freely. Ironically, the Internet has become the most monopolized place in the world. ONO is fighting, not only to change the world, but to also prevent the world from changing us. I want to stand with people to give them back their rights, instead of standing with money." Ke Xu, founder of ONO, said.

During the product-launch event, the attendees were offered ONOTS tokens, and were given a preview into the Main Net, including a sneak-peak into an upcoming user-friendly picture, and video editing tool.

In June, the network raised over $16 million in Series A funding from new and existing investors including Xiongan Fund, and KIP. The funding will be used towards digital developments, the DApp's product development, and the brand's global strategy.

With a global need for stricter measures to safeguard privacy, ONO's decentralized social network is bound to disrupt the industry.