NYCDOE to Revolutionize the School Bus Management System by Launching "Via for Schools"

By StartUp City | Tuesday, September 03, 2019

"Via for Schools" is the first integrated, automated school bus routing, tracking, and communication platform in the world.

Fremont, CA: The New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) has taken a firm step in providing a revolutionary school bus management system for the largest school district in the US by partnering with Via, a developer of ridesharing technology and on-demand public mobility.

This groundbreaking initiative dubbed "Via for Schools" is the first integrated, automated school bus routing, tracking, and communication platform in the world and will be used in the school bus administration system for America's largest district. It will allow the school buses to adjust their routes to make flexible pickup and drop-off stops.

The "Via for School" will facilitate the complete school management system in New York City by enabling the students and parents there to track, real-time, where their buses are at any particular time. They will also receive frequent, reliable communication from the operators of this advanced system, in the event of service changes. The system ensures the safety and peace of mind to all its users.

By using Via's best-in-class algorithms to optimize school bus routing, the Department of Education, New York City, will be able to enhance operational efficacies and to cut the cost of transportation accordingly.

"Through our partnership with Via, we'll soon have a state-of-the-art app for families to track buses and get real-time automatic updates," said Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza in the statement. "Safe and reliable transportation is critical for all families, and we're committed to getting it right this year."

Daniel Ramot, the co-founder and CEO of Via said in a statement, "We are happy to join hands with the New York City Department of Education to set a new standard of excellence in school transportation."

As the largest US school district, the New York City Department of Education transports 150,000 students on 9,000 bus routes each day to get students safely to and from school across the city.

"Via for Schools" is purpose-built to serve the diverse student population in New York City, including General Education, Special Education, Students in Temporary Housing, and others through one integrated school transportation system. The system will utilize a flexible algorithm, which allows for stop-to-school and home-to-school pickups, accommodating students regardless of their learning style, mobility constraints, or place of residence.

Via, the New-York headquartered on-demand public mobility startup was founded in 2012 and runs transportation services in 50 locations in more than a dozen countries around the world.

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