Microservices: A Tool Out of the Toolbox

By StartUp City | Thursday, November 21, 2019

Microservices are the elements of software application, particularly the larger ones, which can be separated from their original application.

Fremont, CA: The strange-sounding cloud technologies like microservices, service meshes are gradually becoming an essential key for future business growth. In reality, they are not actually strange but helps the business concerns to think about their purpose and access their business' reach towards technology.

Among others, to understand these cloud computing technologies and techniques, one has to understand the relationship of these techniques with demand and supply, which perhaps is most common to any industry in the market. With these technologies, the expensive and complicated process is automated to speed up the delivery of the value.

Microservices are the elements of software application, particularly the larger ones, which can be separated from their original application. These elements can be updated or reorganized without taking down or changing the complete application, whereas service meshes keeps a check on how these elements work with other services and control them.

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Making it simpler, think there is a toolbox, and microservice is just another tool from amongst the others. The custom-made tools, which were used earlier, were relatively simpler and were available for limited use only. Then came to the market, the advanced standardized precision-tools, which made production quite cheaper than earlier with a simplified process.

Similarly, the tools of the microservices may be complicated, but the service meshes make the process simpler through standardized reuse. The 'tools' in this case is software that carries out various functions i.e., from making online payments to creating security verifications.

Taking this into consideration, can we presume that a digital Industrial Revolution is in progress? Is this a signal of that standardization that can create objects faster and easier with better user experiences, transform the cost models, and shift industry fortunes in the coming future?

Undeniably the answer is 'Yes.' This transformation of the industry from traditional methods to the cloud would also take the older technicians (IT professionals) onboard to a completely newer world. There are number of examples we can see around ourselves how companies with better understanding of modern technologies are excelling as compared to that of the older ones. Since change has become easier with microservices, it is interesting to note that the way importance of data and how things are consumed are also changing.

It is quite essential to recognize the powerful effects and meaningful changes that come with the use of microservices, which makes the complex process quite simpler and easier not only on the part of the businesses but also from a user's or customer's point of view.

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