Major Challenges in Managing IoT Data

By StartUp City | Monday, October 12, 2020

Fremont, CA: Internet of things (IoT) has become one of the most prevalent technologies of modern times, leading towards a digital revolution. IoT collects ample amounts of information that pass on as data. The purpose of the technology is to make things like appliances, every day and household items, and industrial machinery smarter with the help of data.

Here, we are discussing major challenges in IoT data management.


Most online connections are protected using a form of encryption, which implies that the data is locked behind the software and cannot be unlocked without the appropriate authorization. Breaking the basic forms of encryption can be easy but time-consuming as well. Encrypted data is clearly more secure than raw data. Companies are still reluctant to use encryption to protect sensitive information such as account or personal details, passwords. Top 10 IoT Startups - 2020However, IoT platforms can collect, transmit and use data that is unencrypted, which makes it completely vulnerable. The biggest offenders are platforms or devices created and maintained by inexperienced developers. If a company deals with sensitive information, the improper handling of data can affect privacy for both customers and employees.


Power outage, natural disasters, or emergencies can affect data centers, which disrupt the operation of most IoT solutions. These inconveniences can lead to many different consequences: sometimes systems or devices can become unusable, or they may work with reduced capacity; the data collection and reporting process can be interrupted.

Resource Consumption

Just as electronics, IoT devices also require electricity to operate. These devices are programmed to transmit data 24/7, which means constant support from other technologies, including network adapters, gateways and more.

Besides electricity, data requires physical storage. Even with edge and cloud computing solutions, a remote server is connected to the network that is being used to house the digital content. Servers and data centers consume a massive amount of energy. Data centers require large-scale cooling systems to operate under heavy loads. 

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