Leveraging Emerging Technologies to Bolster Cybersecurity

By StartUp City | Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Today, technology is the driving force in business growth strategies. Enterprises also rely on digital medium to perform their day-to-day operations. However, with increased dependence on digital solutions, cybersecurity takes center stage in ensuring seamless and hassle-free services.

The cyberattacks have become more prominent and lethal in recent years as the threat actors have started leveraging modern technologies to launch sophisticated attacks on a company. Almost all the processes and applications of a company operate on the cloud, which has aggravated the security risks for enterprises. IoT technology has also added fuel to the cybersecurity risks by opening a floodgate of endpoints for cybercriminals to operate.

Smart technologies like big data, machine learning (ML), and others can be a knight in the shining armor for businesses. These technologies can provide ample security solutions for organizations to protect all of their endpoints and eliminate any vulnerabilities. Blockchain technology can also offer optimum security for enterprises as it is dubbed as one of the best technologies available today in terms of transparency and security. Here is a detailed analysis:

Big Data: Big data analytics tools analyze vast piles of data to find any anomalies in the data stream. The analytics tools can offer services like automated risk management and predictive analytics that can spot the malware before it enters and harms the network of the company.

Machine Learning: Machine learning techniques offer powerful algorithms that enable a machine to prioritize corrective measures based on various factors. The ML tools provide real-time analysis of multiple variables that helps companies to detect any security risk in real time. The tools can also analyze all the data to zero in on the root cause of the attack in case of a security breach.

Blockchain: Blockchain technology offers an immutable, distributed, and decentralized digital ledger that allows a user to update information without meddling with the existing data. The technology also provides full traceability and transparency of all the actions performed on the digital ledger.

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