Jobox.Ai Secures $42m In Series B Round Of Financing To Become The Nationwide Marketplace Infrastructure For The Home Services Industry

StartUp City | Thursday, March 03, 2022

Jobox uses the data to match new tasks from countrywide demand partners with a single devoted pro in a local market.

Fremont, CA: The international market for on-demand home services may reach 1,574.86 billion dollars by 2024. The home service industry, which is currently valued at over 600 billion dollars, is rapidly expanding. This rise is fueled by those who live online and have access to mobile devices. Smartphones are helping to bridge the gap between offline and online services., a software business that provides home service markets with an AI-based infrastructure to directly link their consumers with skilled trades experts ("pros"), raised 42 million dollars in Series B investment led by General Catalyst. Resolute VC, NNS, Expanding Capital, and Joey Low are among the new and current investors who have made further investments. As a result, the firm has officially exited stealth mode. Instead, it will utilize the cash to extend its platform to service additional markets and professions and create new features to enable professionals to run and grow their businesses in a single mobile application.

The Jobox platform not just acts as an all-in-one workspace for experienced professionals, eliminating paper-heavy processes. Still, it also allows Jobox to receive a real-time picture of the professional's location, talents, and availability from taking a job. Jobox uses the data to match new tasks from countrywide demand partners with a single devoted pro in a local market. It eliminates the necessity for the consumer to select and validate the professionals. As a result, Jobox is ready to send assignments effectively and deliver the best experience on both sides of the marketplace by streamlining the pro's workday.

The platform also acts as the main resource for home service markets wishing to begin or develop home services by delivering a quick, dependable network of experts. Companies like the Hillman Group can better service their consumers and diversify their revenue by leveraging Jobox's infrastructure.

Jobox powers over 5,000 professionals in 39 states throughout the United States, and its platform has handled over 1 billion dollars in transactions. Jobox connects a pro to a consumer assignment every three minutes, making it simple for both pros and home service markets to build their businesses.


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