Is Cloud Gaming The Future of Gaming?

By StartUp City | Friday, March 15, 2019

Streaming video and music has become a prominent way to enjoy content for connected devices. The convenience of large cloud managed libraries with stream anywhere capability is impossible to resist. With revolutionary gaming technology soon it will be able to stream video games from the web. Several companies signaled plans to make it much more of a focus. Within years cloud could be a significant force in driving how and where people play games.

Gaming in the cloud rather than on expensive hardware might seem too good and promising. Cloud gaming makes perfect sense to gamers, who otherwise have to continually upgrade their consoles which is undoubtedly costly, cloud service providers, who can sell the already-deployed cloud resources to support the cutting-edge games that extremely resource hungry, and game developers who no longer need to spend extended time to port their games to different platforms. The top benefits of cloud gaming include

• Compatibility with any devices because the limitation caused by memory requirements, graphics capacity, and processing power are diminished with cloud solutions.

• It reduces costs because cloud systems follow pay as you go strategy in which gaming companies pay only for the resources which they have utilized.

• Easy to implement and allows users to access the game from any device from any location without downloading and configuring applications.

• The unavailability of physical gaming software to the market avoids chances of piracy.

• Gamers can get the opportunity to play multiple games at a time.

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Offering high-quality cloud gaming experience with the remote cloud through the public internet is no easy task. Current cloud gaming services have leveraged real-time video streaming technologies that have a long history of development. Cloud gaming services now is going through its initial growing pains, and it is now the critical moment for cloud gaming to be deployed in living rooms everywhere.

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