In the New Funding for Cleantech Water Growth, Gradient Raised Around 100 Million Dollars.

StartUp City | Monday, December 06, 2021

An announcement by a leading global end-to-end cleantech water treatment solutions provider and projects developer, Gradiant, was released that the company has raised around 100 million dollars in Series C funding.

FREMONT, CA: Gradiant recently released an announcement that the company had raised around 100 million dollars in Series C funding. It is a leading global end-to-end cleantech water treatment solutions provider and project developer. Warburg Pincus and Schlumberger, the company's strategic partners, led this round. The round bought Gradiant’s total funding to around 200 million dollars today from its inception.

 With a primary focus to meet the demands of global brand owners and manufacturers with mission-critical needs in cleantech water and sustainable operations, Gradiant develops and delivers advanced water and wastewater treatment facilities around the world. The company also offers for end-to-end cleantech solutions, a broad collection of proprietary and patented technologies and services that focus on water reuse, resource recovery, digital solutions for plant performance optimization, and  brine concentration for minimum and zero liquid discharge (MLD / ZLD). It also offers customized flexible models for the design-build, operate-maintain, and financing of projects.

This funding will enable Gradiant to finance the equity contribution into new project assets, accelerate the deployment of Gradiant’s innovation and technology offerings, further expand into strategic markets and industries. The company aims to diversify its sectors such as food and beverage, microelectronics, pharmaceuticals, and mining, from its branches in the Asia Pacific, the United States, and the Middle East.

The Gradiant revenue market is estimated to reach thrice as much as the previous year's net value around 400 million dollars and to continue expanding at an accelerated pace. Gradiant’s clean water technologies and project development and financing capabilities, after linking with the recent strategic acquisitions of Sigma Water (Malaysia) and CRS Water (Australia) have generated opportunities to access new customers, applications, and geographies. Rapid industrialization and population growth are major growth factors for the demand for clean water and sustainable technologies in Asia, and this demand, in turn, drives the growth of Gradiant’s market.


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