How is Startup Landscape Evolving in Europe?

By StartUp City | Thursday, October 22, 2020

FREMONT, CA: Innovative technologies are changing the face of startup ecosystem for better. The European startup ecosystem is witnessing radical changes today. Not surprisingly, these changes are driven by the implementation of new technologies. Here is more about how the European startup landscape is taking shape.

Reports say that, on average, countries in Europe depend on 32 per cent of investment in research and development through various sources. The European government is acknowledging technology as an economic driver and taking steps to facilitate the growth of the technology industry. This successful strategy is attracting not only an increasing amount of capital from local and international investors that are taking a more important role in backing European startups.

Top 10 Startups in France - 2020According to reports, 3.9 million Europeans were working from home for at least half of the workweek, a number that would be inconceivable just a decade ago. Thanks to the proliferation of internet services, and digitalisation of office tasks, with which there is little or no reason to commute anymore. Startups in Europe are tapping into remote work setups to get into their business game faster. Relying on remote workers make it easy for startups to grow and expand. This gives an opportunity for startups to save vast amounts of money.

Having a technological advantage has become the winning priniciple for European startups. Hence, advancement in technology became one of the major contributing factors in the expansion of the startup ecosystem and the success of many entrant ventures. More and more startups today are collaborating among themselves and opening up to potential partnerships and opportunities within and outside their niche; in this way, startups can boost their stock and business value. on the whole, there is plenty to be optimistic and excited about. 

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