How Can Technology Help Cities Have Brighter Future?

By StartUp City | Thursday, August 27, 2020

The cities are experiencing a quick transition, from mobility to innovative and sophisticated payment options.

FREMONT, CA: The development of Keen's city began when the city organizers used advancements to shape urban communities proficiently. The list of information innovations or trends affecting the annual cycle is impossible to limit in an ever-evolving market such as these smart innovations. In 2019, Smart Cities Dive and its trends will be seen, which are expected to convince the smart city in next year.

Mobility offerings

In other forms of transport, 2019 is likely to be called the year of progress. Last December, in Hawthorne, CA, the company Elon Musk Boring published its first hyperloop test tunnel to criticize that this hype was not reached by the new transports. This would not relieve the Los Angeles traffic jams. For Maglev and other train systems, 2019 is considered to be a big year. In the monthly space, 2019 will witness the new electric bikes that are expected to take off in the next few years.

Further Allocation


In 2018 the dockless bikes and scooters were so popular, and now after a short span, the most famous mobility companies have flourished for acquisition. In the last year, when Uber purchased Jump, it set off the merger process to help Jump further its services and boost customer service. The consolidation trend is far from over; however, as car-centered companies want to know more about the shared mobility market.


This trend attracts shared mobility companies not only by driving customers away from personal vehicle use as well as by promoting new uses of individual parking areas. Bird, an electric scooter manufacturer, says that one traditional car space can hold 10 scooters and that cities will begin to turn car parking spaces into scooter areas. According to the report, smart car parking spending is expected to increase by 14% at CAGR and to over $308 billion by 2023.

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