Horizon Blockchain Games Closed $3.75 Million in Seed Funding

By StartUp City | Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Video game studio, Horizon Blockchain with its new product SkyWeaver, brings forth an advanced game platform where the players can buy, sell, and own virtual cards.

FREMONT, CA: Horizon Blockchain Games, has announced a round of $3.75 million funding. The series was led by Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian's venture fund.

The funding follows the trend of blockchain technology, which is requested by the companies to create a secure digital platform that mimics the real-life physical items. Here, the virtual items are collectible and tradable cards for an online game, SkyWeaver.

The game currently being privately tested. The primary purpose of the testing is to prove the value and abilities of Horizon's blockchain system, to offer a secure platform for minting, trading, owning,  and issuing virtual playing cards.

In SkyWeaver, the players can trade, buy, sell, and win on the Ethreum blockchain network, Arcadeum. This video game network and wallet helps gamers to acquire assets ownership and allows them to manage their cards.

“Blockchain technology has given rise to the next generation of the Web: the Internet of value,” said Peter Kieltyka, co-founder and chief executive of Horizon. “This new Web marks the transition from applications as networks to applications as economies that share and exchange value with their users and co-creators, providing revenue sharing at a protocol level.”

This digital cards can be provably traded and owned. It allows evaluating similar to physical counterparts, which are used in trading card games with printed cards.

“At Horizon, we’re passionate about giving games blockchain super-powers by offering our players the freedom to own and trade their digital items across an open Internet,” said Kieltyka.

The game is expected to launch with cross-platform play, as a web base. The game can be installed in any browser. It comes with 300 unique cards of different rarity. 

“I cannot wait for people to play ‘SkyWeaver,’” said Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. “It’s a brand-new gaming experience that resurrects all the fun of childhood collectible card games—in a browser—and with the ability to trade cards just like in the old days.”

The other investors included Golden Ventures Partners, Polychain  Capital Lp, Coinbase, Digital Currency Group, and Inovia capital. The company expects to launch SkyWeaver in Fall 2019.

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