Glowforge Joins WeWork to Install 3D Printers at Work Space

By StartUp City | Tuesday, July 09, 2019

The partnership takes the 3D printing magic with its remarkable built-in technology to offices.

FREMONT, CA: Glowforge, a Seattle startup has announced its merging with WeWork to bring the 3D laser printers into co-working space, across the globe.

WeWork Labs, an early-stage startup, will provide access to printers from Glowforge and Formlabs. The printers are available in New York, Seattle, London, San Francisco, and Houston. In a statement, the companies mentioned that the merge is purely for technical purposes and that the partnership does not have any financial agreements to it.

Founded five years ago, Glowforge, instead of making objects from plastics and raw materials, brings a new step with the 3D printer that has the ability to use a laser, to cut and engrave products regardless of the materials that can be cardboard, leather, plastic, or fabrics with just a push of the button.

WeWork Labs’ Creative Director Katie Perkins said in a statement, “We see WeWork Labs as a platform for creators, innovators and makers alike, and believe partnering with Glowforge and Formlabs will give our members even more of an opportunity to take their ideas, and bring them to life.” The co-founders of Glowforge are Dan Shapiro, Mark Gosselin, and Tony Wright, who had left Glowforge in 2007.

WeWork lab is situated in 32 cities with 54 laboratories. It is now valued more than $45 billion by investors they house in.

Glowforge’s Seattle startup set an enormous funding record in October 2015, had troubles fulfilling orders and shipping production. Since then, the company worked around the issues. Customers were able to create more than three million prints which are sold on Amazon. The prizes range from $2,495 for basic models and $5,995 for the Pro version.

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