Game Changing Technology in the Gaming Industry

StartUp City | Friday, May 17, 2019

Gaming TechnologyFREMONT, CA: The field of gaming technology with rapid developments has revolutionized the experience for the players. Some of the most cherished advances in the industry are discussed below. 

1. Face Recognition:

Facial recognition, in the world of gaming, is employed along with 3D scanning technology to recreate virtual avatars of the players, not only similarities in facial features but also in movements and expressions. Facial recognition technology is extremely interactive; for example, the technology increases the difficulty of the game if signs of fear are detected from the 78 points benchmarked by the smart camera.  

2. Voice Recognition:

Voice recognition is reinvented to amplify interactive experiences between console and the player. With the dawn of new technology, voice-controlled gaming options allows the user to speak commands to turn the system on or off, control volume, respond through social media, and converse with other players in the game from Voice-to-text options.

3. Real-time play:

 Real-time play allows a player to communicate and participate in multi-player games without having to search for other players. A device to run the game on and a working internet connection are all that is necessary for new-age gaming, powered by real-time play.

4. Gesture Control:

The 3D camera technology scans 22 tracking points in the hand for the creation of the player’s gesture control. The technology uses hand gestures for different commands and makes the gaming experience a workout session with physical actions.

5. High Definition Display (HDD):

HDD enables the graphics of the game to look enhanced with the addition of pixels supporting the crispness and vibrant colors. The HDD monitors and TVs provide justice to the quality of graphics and outlook of the game.

6. Virtual Reality (VR):

VR allows gamers to immerse themselves into the holistic gaming experience. Although VR gaming consoles have not been released into the market, the VR powered headsets have enough features to offer a player a thrilling experience 

Technological advances in the gaming industry are occurring faster than ever; created new experience each second, and the future of the gaming experience is promising. 

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