Freedom Robotics Raises $6.6M During Seed Funding Round

By StartUp City | Monday, August 12, 2019

Simplified robotics solutions have enabled organizations to introduce simplicity and cost-effectiveness in monitoring, controlling, managing, and analyzing their robotic fleets.

FREMONT, CA: The modern technological revolution has led to the rise of robot-based industrial automation. The robotic fleets have introduced cost-effectiveness as well as speed and accuracy into the manufacturing processes. Service providers such as Freedom Robotics have made it possible for organizations to employ robust methods and enhance their development, operations, and support teams.

California-based cloud and on-device service provider specializing in monitoring, control, and management of robots and robotic fleets recently closed a $6.6M seed funding. Initialized Capital led the round, with participation from Liquid 2 Ventures, Toyota AI Ventures, Andrew Miklas from S28 Capital, James Lindenbaum, including the current investors Green Cow Venture Capital, Justin Kan, Josh Buckley, Kevin Mahaffey, and Arianna Simpson. The investment will fund the development of Freedom Robotics' new platform designed for the hiring of top talent.

Freedom Robotics was founded by Joshua Wilson, Hans Lee, Dimitri Onistsuk, Alex Cutting, and Jonathan Tran. It possesses several years of expertise in delivering robust software solutions to modern robotics companies. It empowers the new generation of robotics companies to develop, operate, and scale robots and robotic fleets. The platform-agnostic solutions accommodate any robots and can install in a matter of seconds with one line of code in order, which allows robotic companies to promptly release their products to the market utilizing least resources.

The company's robotic solutions are widely leveraged across various industries, including agriculture, restaurants, factories, warehouse logistics, last-mile delivery networks, and several others. They are designed to facilitate robust integrations with the preferred tools and platforms of the robotic companies, which eliminates the need to commit to a monolithic platform. Freedom Robotics offers out-of-the-box services in personalized configurations based on the business logic of organizations.

The simplified Mission Control dashboard of its monitoring software enables automatic introspection of components to create useful visualizations of the robot data, which can be customized and tunes specifically for developers, operators, and managers. The data stream monitoring enables topic-level data recording with compression and filtering for function ranging from video to LIDAR to custom data formats.

The TeleOp feature offers intuitive UI controls, enabling organizations to drive and operate their robotic units via desktop and mobile devices. It also allows the addition of custom buttons to the interface, allowing the simplification of repeatable tasks. Organizations can leverage the API Message Injection to easily control and access their robots by transmitting messages on a topic or channel into the robots in ROS, Python, or any other language. The robust features of Freedom Robotics have not only enabled organizations to simplify their processes but also introduced enhanced productivity and efficiency.

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