For Medical Device and Equipment Manufacturers Upgrade

By StartUp City | Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Medical Device and Equipment Manufacturers UpgradeThe process of manufacturing equipment for the medical industry needs to be error-free and compliant with regulations on quality and safety. As a result, factories are turning to an automated and robotic process, especially with the rise of IoT and Industry 4.0.

Integration of IT and Automation

Manufacturers of medical equipment demand an increased level of automation not only in individual processes but also in the entire factories to assist them in quality requirements mandated by the U.S. FDA. Although a mention of automation triggers images of mechanized plant floors full of robots and machinery, in the future it means back-end functions. The key to achieving enterprise goals is not merely the adoption of automation as a turnkey project but also to the core of Industry 4.0, which is to integrate automation with IT.

Industry 4.0 Initiatives Play a Significant Role

The open core engineering platform makes the connection between automation and IT by combining allowing programmers and operators to utilize a familiar platform to control the working of the machine, nullifying the necessity to learn other programming languages. The platform also includes Software Development Kits (SDKs). In smaller labs, the technicians who directly work with automation systems often have to change the programs and parameters specific to a sample being tested.

The open core interface allows the end user to create or build an interface that provides technicians with access to certain levels of machine control and modifies operations. Machine interfaces are also the root of data collection, but the accurate profit of Industry 4.0 is found in how the data is implemented–for part tracking, process stability, or error reduction, all of which play a significant role in the production of medical devices and equipment.

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Monetizing on The Benefits of Industry 4.0

Tough demands are exerted on the manufacturer when the budget for automation of manufacturing equipment is scaled for capital investment considering the IoT and Industry 4.0. These technologies will become the key enabler of advanced operations. Combining conventional automation with advanced sensing technologies is a turnkey kit, which provides the instant connection of IoT for devices and machine.

The companies are relying more each day on the automation to ensure a sufficiently robust process to meet regulatory compliance.

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