Facebook Alternative MeWe Closes $5.2M Series A

By StartUp City | Friday, July 20, 2018

MeWe, a Los Angeles, CA-based Facebook alternative engineered with privacy-by-design, completed a $5.2m Series A financing.

Investors included:
– Lynda Weinman,
– Marci Shimoff,
– Rachel Roy, and
– Jack Canfield

"While Facebook is mired in scandals, fines and breaches, MeWe has been registering thousands of new members each day, growing 25% per month," said MeWe founder and CEO, Mark Weinstein. "It is clear that the world wants a better social network that treats its member as customers to serve, not data to sell. We've built a social networking experience that has a remarkable suite of features people love and none of the BS. MeWe has no ads, no spyware, no content manipulation, no facial recognition, and no Russians (or anyone) paying to show you fake news."

Driven by founder and CEO Mark Weinstein, MeWe is an integrated social network and messaging application, built with security by-design, without any advertisements, no spyware and no BS. Highlights includes private 1:1 and group chat; private and open group; vanishing content; custom camera with Gif creation; live voice and live video; secret chat with double-ratchet encryption; mystery visit with twofold ratchet encryption; personal social cloud; custom group profiles; and more.

The organization expects to utilize the assets to help the engineering of the social network and the enterprise version MeWePRO.