Fabric Alternative of Batteries to benefit Wearable Technology

By StartUp City | Saturday, December 15, 2018

Wearable Biosensors for health monitoring have always been held back because of lack of lightweight, long-lasting power supply. The batteries available in the market are not efficient to back the wearable as they are heavy, need frequent charging and mobility inefficient. Scientists from long are striving to find an alternative which would act as a definite solution. Recently, in the United States there are some progressions observed, where a method has been formulated in which micro-supercapacitors are combined with vapor coated conductive threads with a polymer film. A special sewing machine technique creates a flexible mesh of aligned electrodes on a textile backing. Solid State device that is the outcome is capable to hold charge of its size which allows it to power wearable technology.

Wearable Technology

The approach used in developing this new power supply method is vapor coated process which creates porous conducting polymer films on densely twisted yarns, which can be swelled with electrolyte ions capable of holding high charge density.  Earlier similar experiments were tried out with dyed or extruded fibers but the outcomes were not effective enough to bring into application. Fabric alternative is cost-effective than the previous findings and with the ongoing research, it can be predicted that future resulting would be more efficient and cost-effective making highly applicable in real-world scenarios.


Wearable technology in fabrics was long awaited and with the discovery of this new method it seems that the wait is going to over soon. Fabric alternative to batteries seems to be potent enough to revolutionize the wearable industry. Mobility, power supply, flexibility will enhance for wearable devices. Application of this new tech would result in new health monitoring wearable technology which would be more efficient than the predecessors.

With the advent of new technologies and tech-backed gadgets market evident to observe imperishable changes. The lifestyle of humans will witness major impact as well with the industry.

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