Embedded Analytics Going Strong!

By StartUp City | Monday, July 08, 2019

Integration of applications with embedded analytics revolutionizes big data and data streaming solutions.

FREMONT, CA: Logi Analytics acquires Zoomdata, the leading analytics platform for big data and live streaming of data. With Zoomdata, merchandise administrators and developers have native admittance to cloud data warehouses, streaming data, and big data.

Zoomdata’s eccentric streaming technology enables real-time visibility within data that is too significant to move and data that constantly varies, which are common challenges in terms of Internet of Things (IoT) risks, fraud, financial risk, cybersecurity problems among others. By joining forces with Logi, analytics software will be installed in more applications. More people will be able to analyze data in seconds, even across tens of billions of rows, within the apps they use all day, every day. Logi’s developer-grade stage offers the broadest set of secured analytics capabilities in the industry. Zoomdata’s global network of crucial resellers and systems integrators will help businesses successfully build, and manage mission-critical applications.

Logi Analytics is the preeminent embedded analytics developing platform. It is delivering applications with analytics at their core has never been more crucial or complex. Logi is the only developer-grade analytics platform concentrated exclusively on embedding analytics in commercial and business applications. Logi leverages existing tech stack and promotes unlimited customization and white-labeling, making ways for quickly building an utterly unique analytics experience. This platform delivers sophisticated analytics capabilities and powers their businesses. Its innovative data access framework leverages new data sources for high performance 

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