Educational Management Platform Startup Named EdTech's Startup of the Year

By StartUp City | Monday, July 08, 2019

The startup provides easy navigation apps that help teachers, students and parents alike are revolutionizing the education sector.

FREMONT, CA: EdTech Breakthrough, a leading market intelligence organization that organizes the top companies and solution in the global educational technology market, has declared, a leading education platform provider the winner of "EdTech Startup of the Year" in the inaugural Edtech breakthrough award program.

Abre provides all in one education management platform with a mission to change how education is perceived, created, purchased, and deployed, to help those in the education field.

Two teachers from Hamilton City School found Abre, the invention that paves a way for administrators, teachers, students, staff, helping them to deliver instruction and get engaged in school operations.

In the first 14 months, Abre has been widely used over by 38 school systems and 240 schools.

Abre's apps, which are located on the Abre hub, are categorized into three - Learning management, School or classroom management, and Data analytics. The apps were made with an easier user interface so that it can enable easy learning.

James Johnson, the managing editor of Edtech Breakthrough, stated in a release that, “What sets this company apart from the competition is the Abre Hub and their suite of connected applications. It represents a significant step towards streamlining the vast amount of software and technology used for education in the classrooms.”

"The educational technology space is fiercely competitive, and Abre ‘breaks through’ in our 2019 EdTech Breakthrough awards program with a combination of compelling technology and promising momentum to progress the education management space," Johnson mentioned.

Abre was the finalist for the Courier’s 2018 Innovation and Technology Awards. The firm also played a part in Google for education partners program, allowing Abre to merge Google products in its own apps.

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