DAB's Fermentation Technology gets €2 Million Endowment

By StartUp City | Wednesday, May 29, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The bio-based company Delft Advanced Biorenewables (DAB) received an investment of €2 million from the primary investors InnovationQuarter and FORWARD.one for developing a tough bioreactor. The new technology helped the company to grow into a bio-based economy by making fermentation a competition to fossil processes and lends a hand in amplifying the production of the fermentation technique, meanwhile keeps it cost-effective.

The transition of the company from an economy based on fossil resources to an economy based on biomass was entirely based on the efforts made to find petroleum product alternatives which can be more helpful and less harmful to the environment. To find such long-lasting alternatives has become essential due to the climatic change, shortage of fossil fuels, and soil and water pollution by microplastics.

DAB has come a long way after the creation of its first bioreactor technology at TU Delft and now combines the two processes of fermentation and separation into one rather than executing it differently. The company acts as a device that facilitates the recovery of the product on-site and also doubles the productivity of fermentation with 50 percent lesser expense.

Fermentation, an energy-efficient process where microorganisms convert organic materials into chemical compounds, was traditionally used for storing food and beverages but the company has started to utilize it, to produce different products from raw green materials like biofuel. It can also be used to enrich food substances and create chemical building blocks for renewable resources.

The bioprocessing company has taken a step ahead to implement the technology in various sectors like fragrances, flavors, biofuels, and specialized chemicals. The fund that was received by the company is being used to speed up the growth further in the commercial market and bond with other partners around the globe. The robust technology developed by DAB has a vast scope of growth in the future as it creates new innovative products from the end materials, which are usually considered futile.

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