By StartUp City | Thursday, May 30, 2019

John Lin, CEO

FREMONT, CA: The 6DoF tracking solution provider for augmented and virtual reality products and an established visual simultaneous localization and mapping (VSLAM) company, Xvisio Technology, has the leading edge technology to permit customized developments by using its software development kits (SDK).

The award-winning VSLAM eXLAM-80X AI platform provides the flexibility of composing the set of sensors necessary for the particular application along with dominant edge computing abilities. Besides the rich features of SDKs, it supplies useful features such as planes detection, superimpose, and 3D reconstructions for XR head-mounted display (HMD) keeping in mind the cost-effectiveness, faster growth, easy integration, and better dispatch.

The company develops the SDKs at its domicile and uses it in the best possible way across every major hardware and operating system (OS) platform. It supports major operating systems and gives the key building block required for the manufactures of XR to enhance the VSLAM rapidly without any difficulties with their systems.

In order to trim down the risk of development, Xvisio provides the XR consumers with system integration and customization with the help of professional services apart from the forefront product and technology.

The company focuses on serving a wide-ranging VSLAM solution that can deliver high speed and elevated accuracy in 6DoF tracking to let environment perception with the machine and human interaction for XR. Powered by AI and edge computing, the system-on-module format will be put to use to provide easier VSLAM after discovering various ways in critical technological breakthroughs. The primary objective of the company is to make the machines capable of understanding the world and give power to human beings via machine vision and AI.

The trans-border start-up company, Xvisio Technology, devotes itself to technological innovations in environmental insight technologies and products for the market of XR HMD. It aims to showcase its 3D XR Vision, a verified VSLAM total solution for AR, VR, and MR HMD and glasses at the AWE 2019 at the Startup pavilion in the Great America Hall, Santa Clara Convention Center.

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