Customer Engagement Platforms have become more advanced, let's see the changes

By StartUp City | Friday, March 01, 2019

In the recent past, almost all industries witnessed the emergence of new technological trends. From the integration of advanced AI solutions to the blockchain’s offerings covering all the fields, technology has proved its dominance, yet again. With 2019 in the picture and keeping the tech trends on top, businesses can stay ahead and prepare for a successful year ahead.

The digital revolution has started its never-ending journey and companies are striving hard to deal with the evolving customer expectations. In a time where, consumer experience matters right from the engagement to final transaction, the importance of brand loyalty is sky high now. But how are businesses looking to these intuitive technology trends to meet the consumer demands, increase their engagement and offer superior solutions?

• Customization is Crucial

Customers expect a level of personalization from the company at each stage of the interaction. Majority of consumers prefer a human touch, but they also expect a high level of automation to ensure faster outcomes. Here is when companies introduce intuitive self-service options such as interactive voice response system as it provides the customers with the convenience of easy-of-use support they’re seeking be it interpreting their needs and guiding them to the appropriate department or provide them with the resources they need to resolve an issue through automation.

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• Action-based Metrics

Measuring the customers’ complete brand experience may seem difficult, but it has become a must this year. Businesses that are investing their time to understand how the customers view their brand and gauge their overall satisfaction at each stage will soon see their profit margins escalate.

The first step towards gathering valuable data begins with businesses fine-tuning the data they collect from consumers. Moreover, AI tools such as chatbots, interactive text response, voice search and more can help. This level of personalization can enhance when companies plan to integrate their CRM platforms and data collection to a point where AI uses algorithms to interpret customer service calls. This is giving rise to action-based metrics that shows companies the next best step to create superior customer engagement.

Customer engagement will have to become a company-wide initiative now, where every stage of customer-brand interaction is given value while keeping up with the pace of transformative digital business model.

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