COVID-19 undermining transition towards cleaner energy

By StartUp City | Thursday, October 15, 2020

One of the most pivotal conversations during the ongoing pandemic is whether COVID-19 will behave the same way as common influenza particles do—fizzle out in the hot and humid climate. Science journals and news media worldwide are buzzing with research and analysis on this issue. The World Health Organisation is considering the possibility of airborne transmission of the novel coronavirus. While the jury is still out on that microbiologists and virologists have propounded the theory that COVID-19 will follow the laws of physics and “as humidity increases, the viral droplet size will grow larger and settle out of the air rapidly.”

Top 10 CleanTech Companies - 2020Currently, we are looking at how the damage caused by COVID-19 is impacting the renewable energy sector short term and how volatility is playing out. Recently, Tesla reported in their last quarter, “In Q4, we continued to ramp both Solarglass Roof production as well as installations. In addition to Tesla installers, we have also partnered with several roofing companies to support installations to fulfill the demand for Solarglass Roof.” Added to that, an eco-friendly Chinese car market is set to be hit particularly hard by coronavirus impacts, which “will have ramifications for electric vehicles and battery demand,” the update added. Further, BNEF explained that while the pressure on the supply of critical components and equipment for renewables and clean technologies in China was likely to ease as the country restarts its factories, it was more concerned about demand being affected “as policymakers divert attention away from clean energy to more pressing concerns.”

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