Coalition Raises $40 million in Funding

By StartUp City | Thursday, May 16, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Coalition, an insurance provider in cybersecurity, has recently assembled $40 million in a funding round led by Ribbit Capital, a FinTech investment firm. Other participants in the series included Hillhouse Capital and Greenoaks Capital. The startup stated the new investment would be used to expand its data analytics platform, engineering, and incident response team.

Coalition manages cybersecurity risks by coalescing insurance and technology for small, medium, and large enterprises and claims that it has been providing free cybersecurity tools and up to $10 million in insurance coverage to companies all around the world. Coalition’s insurance policies cover costs sustained from accountabilities like fines and penalties, fraud attacks, cyber claims, breach responses, extortion incident responses, business interruptions, ransomware recoveries, and, device restorations. The company also provides intelligence services and instructions to assist U.S.-based customers in developing their cybersecurity stances.

Coalition aims to utilize the investment in expanding its services to offer improved cyber insurance policies to healthcare companies. The expanding landscape in global cybersecurity insurance has expounded the growth of the cyber insurance market. According to an analysis, the cybersecurity insurance market is going to evidence over twenty percent compound annual growth rate in the upcoming years.

Cyber analysts have been observing the meteoric rise in the criminalization of the internet over the past few years. Solitary cybercriminals are collaborating with international syndicates to solidify the effects of their activities against classified and confidential business data. Significant data breaches are driving the influx in demand for cyber insurance policies across all sized enterprises and, thus, leading to legislation becoming tougher globally.

In 2018, a software company surveyed to find that a significant portion of firms across the globe lack complete cybersecurity insurance among which telecommunications enterprises are the frontrunners. Thus, mandatory legalizations regarding cybersecurity have been on the rise to curtail digital threats across the globe. 

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