Ceres Imaging Makes Significant Science Investment by Adding Plant Level Insights for Select Crops

By StartUp City | Thursday, October 15, 2020

Ceres Imaging makes a significant science investment in producing plant level insights, continually customizing algorithms to best represent each unique field in your operation.

FREMONT, CA: Ceres Imaging, the aerial imagery company that builds irrigation management solutions to help farmers improve profitability, announced the addition of plant-level insights to their mobile app. The feature elevates irrigation strategies in fruit and nut tree management by providing powerful metrics to help customers take tree-level data and turn it into an actionable plan to raise the entire operation's performance.

"Now growers can measure crop water stress at a tree level across their entire orchard,"

Stated Ashwin Madgavkar, CEO and founder at Ceres Imaging. "Other companies can do counts of trees and show individual trees, but high-accuracy water stress data on a tree level from imagery hasn't been available to growers until now."

The new interface allows growers to quickly quantify patterns of stress and prioritize corrective action. It helps them measure how their irrigation strategy is trending, ensuring that they focus on the right issue, making it faster to achieve insights from the imagery.

Key benefits that plant-level insights offer are:

• Easily prioritize field activities by highlighting the most impactful problems.

• Clarify trends by drilling down on a specific set of criteria such as issues by varietal or by the level of stress.

• Quantify Water Stress, Chlorophyll, and NDVI by tree

• Establish numerical baselines to benchmark irrigation performance and measure improvements over time.

"Irrigation is complex, and even subtle inefficiencies compound over time to have a big impact on yield and profit," continued Madgavkar. "It's often difficult to know if your irrigation strategy is achieving the results it should so having insights at the plant level provides a cost-effective solution."

Ceres Imaging builds irrigation management solutions that help farmers improve profitability. Through high-resolution aerial imagery and expert support, the company allows growers detect issues quickly, measure solutions based on ROI, and take action with confidence. Backed by university-validated research, their team of experienced analysts, agronomists, and scientists, seamlessly transforms imagery into actionable insight to help farmers build more profitable, more sustainable operations.



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