Cartographer is Launched by Lotame to power People-Based Campaigns

By StartUp City | Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Andy Monfried, Founder and CEO

Lotame launches a new ID based solution, Cartographer, it detects true data unique to each person across all the devices to fuel marketing campaigns.

FREMONT, CA: Lotame, a data management tools provider for publishers and marketers, unveiled its new product called Cartographer. The original product is described as the new people-based ID solution by CMO Adom Solomon. It helps businesses interlink their visitor and customer data from all platforms and devices.

The CMO of Lotame, Solomon, says the landscape of cross-device targeting technologies has become much more challenging concerning privacy regulations and updated browsers that limit the types of cookies that are used to track users.

Cartographer makes it easier for the publishers to remain compliant with Europe's GDPR and California's CCPA rules, as it can store a customer's privacy preferences efficiently. One of the significant reasons for Tribune to deploy Cartographer across all its properties, including the nine crore newspaper sites, is the unintended consequence of the legislation and the browsing space. The users are forced into a position where they are asked each time they visit a site, whether it's okay to keep track, along with its other core domain applications.

The table stakes at this point are that the users are fully understood. By knowing what their interests are, the provision of solutions is simplified in this competitive landscape, whether on the advertising front or while handling the digital subscription offers. From the Tribune's standpoint of its core business, a complete picture of the user's cross-all device types is recognized easily for catering to the customers.

Cartographer combines IDs, devices, and browsers at a user-level to give global trends and publishers access to all the visitors to their sites, despite the browser, as well as mobile apps, TV, and offline. It creates a master graph of the statistics, forging connections between and within people, the places they go to, and their interests, along with a thread of consumer consent. The Cartographer plans, clusters, and shares myriad data connections across more than ninety platform partners to understand more of the brand or publisher's audience than anyone else creating an enhanced scale.

By doing so, the population of users, Cartographer, can see, and cluster increases to 1.4 billion unique consumers across 4 billion active IDs globally.

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