Can Tech Help in Building a Smarter City?

By StartUp City | Tuesday, November 26, 2019

With the development of technologies, smart cities have also become exposed to cyber attacks, but the IT managers have been fighting all odds to beat the crimes successfully.

FREMONT, CA: Smart cities are dedicated to enhancing the lives of the citizens by leveraging data, and the latest technology offers faster and competent service. But the state of worry is the implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, which are increasingly pushing the risks into the public information system through cyber attacks. Cybercrimes stand as a significant reason for the security of the smart city scheme; therefore, it’s time for the IT managers to adopt a few changes to help in fighting the challenges.

Smart cities have a huge attack surface, due to the blend of multiple devices, all connected to construct a smart city infrastructure. It might get taxing for the IT managers to recognize the equipment that can be exposed, but it is critical to immune every connection from any such cyber attacks. The smart cities are certainly left exposed to risks as the inherited software is not updated and offers facilities that are deficient in physical security.


 The state departments take care of the decentralized nature of smart city plans that are pervasive and can represent IT security risks. The shortage of a centralized security unit can form a gap in the security strategy regarding the smart city, and can also prompt the possible dangers.

In the same way, situations where the IoT device gathers large heaps of data related to the residents, including private information, it can be tampered with under a faint security pattern. The incursion of any risk can transform how the services are performed and ruin the advantages of a smart city program.

Currently, security teams have been growing in the IT department, enclosed with appropriate requirements to methodically evaluate the risk and privacy impacts, and implement fitting protection. One way out of many, to enhance the defense mechanism in the smart city is by carrying out log monitoring to spot malicious traffic. Additionally, IT managers can also perform a robust inventory of IoT assets and generate centralized control and security system, which can guard the connected networks and devices. The alerts that provide appropriate information about threats can help the IT managers to oppose the risks effectively.

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